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Would Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVs) Be Right For My Application and Facility?

Are you wondering if utilizing AGVs would be a viable solution for your warehouse, production or manufacturing facility? It could be right for you if one or more of the following scenarios apply to you.

• Your process is repetitive in nature.

• You experience damaged or lost material.

• Your facility runs multiple shifts.

• You wish to control costs and inventory.

• You need to reduce injuries and increase safety.


Why you need to act now

After the recent economic and financial crisis, many companies are hesitant to invest in capital equipment, including automation.  This makes it the perfect time to act now and edge out your competition. Automation companies are looking for business, so negotiate your price, options, and delivery.robot package conveyor system

Advancements in automation technology and reduction in cost accelerate your return on investment, making automation an even more viable option. These advancements include:

• Increased throughput

• Increased accuracy

• Tighter navigation

• Future expansions

• Changing configuration to the production area


Project Risk Management

With advancements in technology, risks are present in automation. The most apparent risk is not selecting a vendor with in-depth experience with equipment and market place reputation for your needs. An unbiased third party is the perfect solution.

Strategic PM Solutions will help you with the selection process for the most appropriate solution to fit your present and future needs.

Another risk is commissioning the project. We have many years experience with successful implementation, leading to higher satisfaction and faster return on investment.

Our Expertise in Industrial Automation Solutions Includes:

Call Strategic PM Solutions now to find out how you can select the best solution for your automation project and reduce risk.

• Industrial Automation Solutions

• Material Handling Systems

• System Integration

• Strategic Project Management

AGV picking up pallet from conveyor

Automated Guided Vehicles system (AGVs) are used in a variety of industries:

• Move heavy newsprint rolls to printing presses

• Move food trays in hospitals

• Deliver parts, both large and small to assembly workers

• Safely work in challenging environments

If you are in the planning stages or already in the middle of an industrial automation project, Strategic PM Solutions can help.

We can act as your

• Project manager

• Integrator

• Coach

Contact Us for a getting your project up to speed and becoming successful!


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