Top Nine Secrets Revealed for a Successful Project

Digging deeper

Many project managers have written on how to conduct a successful project. The one element that needs more discussion is the depth of the conversation you have with your client.  Imagine this scenario.  Your company just signed a new contract, and you spent an extended time talking with your contact about his/her concerns. You feel pretty confident about understanding their needs because of the length and breadth of the discussion. But is this enough? No!

This is just looking at the problem in two dimensions. To get the three dimensional effect, dig deeper into the problem by talking to all stakeholders, not just management, but all workers. What are their problems, concerns, and issues? They will be different than management’s. Dig deeper because you cannot fix their pain until you can feel it. Digging deeper sometimes needs an outside, unbiased solution.  Here are the top nine secrets discovered during years of overseeing projects.

1. Understand Your Stakeholders’ Needs

This means listening to your stakeholders’ needs and concerns. You should be the answer to their concerns and delivering solutions.

2. Establish Comparative Estimate

One key part of a successful project is if the project was completed on schedule and within budget. An accurate estimation of schedule and budget is crucial.

3. Set an Achievable Project Schedule

Closely monitor progress of the project’s schedule milestones. After the schedule has been set, monitor it closely and keep tight control of it and make the necessary changes as required.

4. Provide Support to Team Members

Include the team members and essential personnel in the decision-making process, thus increasing the chance of a successful project.


5. Keep Stakeholders and Project Team Members Informed on the Progress

Achieve their confidence and support by regularly communicating with them concerning how to define, mitigate and control project risks.

6. Conduct Regular Project Design Reviews

Schedule regular project design review meetings to ensure that the specifications are achieving the customer’s requirements.

7. Utilize Proven Methodology

Use what is successful from proven processes and stay away from pit falls by adapting continuous processes improvements.

8. Perform Comprehensive Testing

Test the project functionality thoroughly and ensure its meeting the specifications and customer requirements.

9. Ensure the Product or Service is Meeting the Customer’s Needs

Dig deeper because you cannot fix their pain until you can feel it, see it, touch it, hear it, taste it, and smell it.


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