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Industrial Automation Service Offering

What are your concerns?

• Is it cost reduction?

• Is it safety?

• Do you have layout bottlenecks?

• Defining scope of work?

• Do you need improvement in your processes?

• Do you need help optimizing your warehouse, manufacturing or production facility?

• Managing cost and schedule?


Contact Us, and we can discuss the many benefits of Industrial Automation, including innovation, a safer facility, less damaged goods, better utilization of warehouse management system and greater efficiency.

Strategic Project Management is:

• Implementing Continuous Improvement and

• Delivering Customer Satisfaction

We accomplish this for you by:

• Examining your current processes layout and flow

• Finding room for improvement

• Creating or redefining a strategy plan

• Making recommendations for better material handling system

• Providing report

• Performing presentation

• Insuring the plan aligns with your company vision

• Implementing the plan

• Monitoring the plan

Strategic PM Solutions can help with your selection, documentation and implementation of your next capital equipment project.

Industries Served by the Automation Industry

• Pharmaceutical

• Food and Beverage

• Manufacturing

• Distribution center

• Newsprint

• Warehousing

• And Many More

Automation Solutions

• Automated Guided Vehicle Systemsclamp vehicle in paper warehouse facility

• Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems

• Automated Identification Product

• Conveyors / Robots / Roboticsautomated storage and retrieval system (ASRS)

• Packaging & Unitizing Machinery and Materials

• Plant / Facility Equipment

• Systems Integration Services

If you are in the planning stages or already in the middle of an industrial automation project, Strategic PM Solutions can help.

We Can Act as Your

• Project manager

• Integrator

• Coach

Contact Us for a getting your project up to speed and becoming successful.

Automation Solutions Services

The principals of Strategic PM Solutions have over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation solutions and material handling systems, having successfully installed many Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems, both domestically and internationally.


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