Strategic Project Management Service Offerings

Strategic PM Solutions helps guide customers by identifying their project management needs and providing custom solutions that meet the organization’s strategies.  The following services are our core expertise:


• Strategic Planning

• Problem Solving

• Project Assessment

• Project Management project management planningCoaching and Mentoring

• Project Management Execution

Strategic Planning

An effective strategic project plan has:

• Accurate information

• Strong concepts

• A committed team

A well-planned project will be successful. Strategic PM Solutions will aid in completing the strategic planning phase of your project, ready for the hand-off to your project manager.

Problem Solving

Strategic PM Solutions

• Takes an objective and fresh look at a problem to solve it

• Evaluates your project to determine the root causes of the problems

• Has helped many troubled projects that were off track and brought them to a successful conclusion.

Project Assessment

Strategic PM Solutions

• Provides an independent assessment to your project

• Gives you a true status report based on the findings


Project Management Coaching and Mentoring

Strategic PM Solutions

• Acts as a coach or mentor to your project managers

• Gives one-on-one guidance through an actual project

• Has mentored many project managers by guiding them through the critical project management process

Project Management Execution

         Project management activities: strategy, budget, team, stakeholders, risk

Strategic PM Solutions is a master of

• Execution

• Commissioning

• Delivery of successful projects

Strategic PM Solutions delivers your project

• On time

• Within budget

• With excellent quality

Strategic PM Solutions helps you manage your project from start to successful completion, separating you from your competition.


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